Engage with waiting patients and manage your waiting lists effectively with AI-driven two-way conversations.
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Elective care waiting lists have reached record highs, with over 6 million people waiting.

Tackling the backlog manually is a major challenge for any NHS Trust. In addition, text and form-based digital solutions often miss the mark as patients don't engage with SMS messages, while they fall short on digital inclusion and lack empathy.

EBO’s AI-powered Elective Recovery solution can help you clear the backlog by engaging your patients at scale through automated, two-way, natural conversations.

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EBO can deliver for your Trust:

  1. Automated Waiting List Validation
  2. Smart booking of canceled slots
  3. Two-way conversation-based PIFU pathways

Expected benefits:

  • 10% reduction in RTT waiting lists without the need for additional staff, releasing 4,000 slots for an average NHS Acute Trust.
  • 10,000 hours of administrative time saved for every validation cycle, equal to £125,000 savings/ waiting list of 40,000.
  • 24/7, two-way communication with patients allows for efficient and ongoing waiting list validation.

Growing Waiting Lists

36.2% of patients are waiting more than 18 weeks with 5% of patients waiting more than a year for treatment.

A problem that needs to be solved

Managing the waiting list is costly, and it takes 5 WTEs one WHOLE year to manually validate an average waiting list of 40,000 patients. Meanwhile patients are waiting with no communication about their condition making them feel disconnected from their pathway.

A great patient experience

91% patient satisfaction reported when using the Virtual Assistant

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