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The Digitally Included Patient

Using new channels impacts the MSK patient pathway

Imogen is a 35-year-old busy mum of two, with no time to waste! She already manages many aspects of her life via her phone, including learning French. She’d love to manage her health in the same way too.

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Imogen is suffering from lower back pain. Her GP ordered a CT scan and referred her to the MSK therapy service via ERS. Imogen is about to experience the new MSK pathway.

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John is the MSK Service Manager, and he has enjoyed working with EBO to digitise the MSK patient pathway, combining Virtual Assistants (which are super-intelligent chatbots), SMS and email in a programme that is now being rolled out throughout his Trust.

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“Robbie” is the MSK Virtual Assistant who John has created with EBO and now works 24/7 in the background. Robbie is learning all the time.

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Imogen loved being guided through her pathway by Robbie. 

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John has ideas to use Robbie in more innovative ways.

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Robbie continues to work silently and consistently in the background, 24/7.

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