Key Insights from ‘The Intelligent Patient Portal’ Webinar

EBO recently held a webinar in collaboration with Convenzis, to unveil its latest AI solution for healthcare – the Intelligent Patient Portal (IPP). Whilst patient portals have been around for years, this new solution aims to redefine patient engagement as we know it, by bringing AI and Conversational dialogue to the forefront. Speakers from EBO, e18 Innovation and The Access Group, came together to discuss the IPP and the benefits it provides to different sectors in healthcare.

Read on to discover the key takeaways from the webinar.




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Talk 3 - RIO Virtual Assistant: The Inclusive Solution - A talk by Ron Burdis, Business Consultant, The Access group



  • Somerset NHS Foundation

    At Somerset NHS Foundation Trust EBO is managing over 1000 booking booking conversations per month, 40% of which are handled out of hours. Patient feedback is high across the board with satisfaction scores of 95%.

  • Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust 

    At Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust we’re handling consent treatment for school age immunisation and vaccinations, a process that was previosly paper-based. So far, we have had a 100 % adoption rate on that project from parents. 

  • Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board 

    Betsi Cadwaladr University Health board
    in North Wales (BCU) are currently using EBO’s end-to-end waiting list validation solution to communicate with their patients in both English and Welsh. The solution enables interactive 2-way conversations with an AI Virtual Assistant, and lands validated outcomes from the conversation. Betsi is currently generating a validation response of 66%, of which 100% have resulted in validated outcomes. Betsi have full control of the conversation at all times 
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In a recent webinar, Ron Burdis, a business consultant from The Access Group, took the stage to discuss the groundbreaking capabilities of the Rio Virtual Assistant.  Ron's presentation shed light on how this innovative technology is poised to transform patient engagement and streamline healthcare processes. Here are the key insights from his talk:

Introduction to The Access Group

Ron started off by introducing The Access Group, one of the UK's largest business management solution providers, which aims to enhance business management and improve customer/patient satisfaction across a variety of industries. Three years ago, The Access Group entered into a strategic partnership with EBO, recognising the unique and pioneering aspects of EBO's technology, particularly its conversation-based approach. This robust partnership resulted in the creation of the Rio Virtual Assistant – an AI tool that integrates with the company’s products.

Today The Access Group works closely with EBO to develop integration engines that facilitate connections with EPR platforms, NHS apps, third-party portals, and other essential healthcare systems. This integration empowers both patients and healthcare professionals by enabling seamless data sharing and updates.

Deployment of the Solution

Ron explained that the Access Group harnesses the power of the EBO platform to manage key areas, including conversation, communication, business rules, workflow, and integration into various systems. This approach ensures a seamless end-to-end process that allows easy access and data management, rule automation, alerts, multichannel communication, and a comprehensive reporting system.


Functionality of the Rio Virtual Assistant

Ron moved on to discuss the functionalities of the Rio Virtual Assistant, emphasizing its role in facilitating interactions between patients, staff, and healthcare processes. The system is capable of handling a wide range of tasks, from appointment scheduling, consent forms, and self-referrals to clinical assessments, wellness assessments, and more. It streamlines the patient's journey and ensures a smooth and efficient experience.

Enhancing Staff Engagement

The Rio Virtual Assistant isn't limited to patient interactions; it also serves as a valuable tool for staff engagement. It supports mobile workers, task management, clinical assessments, staff communication, digital marketing campaigns, and automated FAQs. The solution is also seamlessly integrated with MS Teams, fostering collaborative staff engagement.

Integrated Care Platform

The Access Group's integrated care platform focuses on providing a patient-centered approach, with automation embedded throughout the entire care pathway. It ensures a smooth transition from initial appointments to discharge and interfaces with local government, healthcare, and various service providers to streamline the patient's journey.


In conclusion, the Rio Virtual Assistant, powered by Ebo's innovative technology, is set to revolutionize healthcare processes by simplifying patient interactions, enhancing staff engagement, and automating critical healthcare tasks. This presentation offers a glimpse into the future of healthcare management and patient care, driven by the capabilities of the Rio Virtual Assistant.

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Andy l'Anson  

IT Programme Manager

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