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Automating Waiting List Validation

The digital patient

Mary is a 65 years old grandmother of three with severe arthritis. After years of conservative treatment she was referred for a right knee replacement. She hopes that this will help her get back to what she loves; dancing and walking her dog.

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Mary was placed on the knee replacement waiting list. A year later she is still waiting to hear about her surgery. In the meantime her pain has worsened.

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Angie is a RTT co-ordinator, whose Trust has digitised waiting list validation using an intelligent chatbot that integrates directly with the EPR.

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Wally is the EBO bot that helps Angie increase exponentially the patients she can reach. He contacts patients to validate whether they still require their appointments, documents their responses to reduce DNAs and maintains direct communication with waiting patients.

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Download the 'Digitally Included Patient' Infographic.

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