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Human-like Waiting List conversations to reassure, validate and prioritise

A unique solution. No minimum contract. Paid on results.


Group 3-1

Human-like waiting list conversations to reassure, validate and prioritise.

A unique solution. No minimum contract.
Paid on results.


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Human-like waiting list conversations to reassure, validate and prioritise.

A unique solution. No minimum contract.
Paid on results.

Waiting list validation solution
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Waiting List Validation Solution

Clear your waiting list backlog with a
simple, efficient and seamless solution.

NHS waiting lists have reached a record high with 7.6 million patients waiting for treatment. The need for innovative technology to add capacity and reduce waiting lists is no longer optional.

The Solution

EBO’s AI automates validation processes end-to-end, using its bespoke AI powered Virtual Assistant (VA). The VA automatically contacts patients to confirm whether they still require their appointment, documents their responses in the EPR and maintains direct communication pre and post appointment. All this via two-way natural conversation. 

The Result

Significantly reduced waiting lists, DNAs, referral-to-treatment backlogs and follow-up appointments through PIFU.
  An exponential increase in cost savings and finally, satisfied patients and happier staff.  
Book a demo today to reduce your waiting list backlog. 

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Success Story: An AI-Driven Solution for Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Working in partnership with EBO, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) developed and undertook a proof of concept (POC) of the EBO Waiting List Validation Solution which, through integration with WPAS, would allow BCU to replace up to 76% of costly one-off validation call tranches with automated and continuous digital patient validation, initiate contact with patients via SMS, automatically update the WPAS to reduce admin costs, create an enriched patient experience and digital-first uptake. 

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Waiting List Validation Solution Pathway

Understanding the Automated Waiting List Validation Patient Pathway

Find out how Wally, EBO's Virtual Assistant, automatically reaches out to patients, such as Mary a 65 year old grandmother who has been waiting for a knee replacement for over a year. Wally automatically contacts Mary, validates her appointment, documents the outcomes directly into the EPR, and maintains direct communication with her pre and post her op. View the pathway infographic here

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"Working with EBO is like ‘a breath of fresh air’. They have a deep-seated ‘can-do’ ethos to delivering successful solutions and our collaboration functions as a true partnership. The EBO Virtual Assistant is a new technology for us with great potential as it integrates directly with our Electronic Patient Record".

Andy l'Anson  

IT Programme Manager

Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

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We'll take you through our Waiting List Validation solution and help you get
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